League of Legends Build Guides

Best Builds, Tips and Tricks for League of Legends.

  • KeshaEuw Nunu Build for Season 14
    KeshaEuw, a popular Twitch streamer, showcases an aggressive AP Nunu build, adaptive itemization, and effective jungle pathing.
  • A Comprehensive Dantes Hecarim Build Guide for Season 14
    Dantes, a renowned Hecarim player, shares a season 14 guide including build, runes, and jungle tips for aspiring players.
  • Renekton Build Guide: D1 To Challenger Secrets
    This guide provides strategies to increase Renekton players’ winrate in League of Legends, inspired by player 3in1’s successful Renekton build.
  • How to Defeat Expert Lux in Tournament of Souls
    After a few attempts, I finally figured out how to easily beat expert Lux in Tournament of Souls and what to look out for when battling against her.
  • Dantes Korean Challenger: Hecarim Build Guide
    With a solid Challenger rank and an impressive 60% win rate, Dantes went from unranked to Challenger in 11 days! Discover his journey through this Hecarim Build Guide.
  • How to Defeat Expert Gwen in Tournament of Souls
    In the Expert mode of Tournament of Souls, Samira is confronted with a fresh challenge – defeating Expert Gwen. With the combo E > Q > W > Q for a smooth victory.
  • How To Defeat God’s Eye Viego In Tournament of Souls
    Easily beat God’s Eye Viego in Tournament of Souls with this combo: W, Q, E, Q. Deny his ultimate damage and secure the K.O!
  • How To Defeat Viego In Tournament of Souls
    Defeat Viego in Tournament of Souls with this combo: E, Q, W for life steal, then finish with R. Maximize your chances against the Ruined King without struggling!
  • How To Defeat Shaco In Tournament of Souls
    Struggling with Shaco in the Tournament of Souls? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Learn how to easily defeat Shaco with the right abilities and a powerful combo.
  • The Complete Naafiri Mid Guide
    Discover the latest League of Legends champion, Naafiri, the AD mid lane assassin with a unique packmate passive. Unleash her power with our Naafari Mid Guide. 🐾
  • Korean Rek’Sai Top Lane Build Guide
    Rek’Sai top lane dominance, often overlooked, is a hidden gem. ‘짤랐다’ proves its power with a 54%+ winrate in Korea. Unleash Rek’Sai’s potential with this build!
  • Varus AP Build Guide for Top Lane
    Varus AP Top has been excelling in Kr Challenger with its burst damage. “Varus King,” a grandmaster player, has a 79% win rate. What sets this Varus AP build apart?
  • Tarzaned Graves Build 13.11
    Tarzaned’s Graves Build 13.11 uses items like Duskblade, Collector, Black Cleaver, and Bloodthirster to maximize Graves’ potential in Season 13.
  • Play Hecarim Like Dantes – Hecarim 13.11 Build Guide
    Hecarim 13.11 Build Guide: Optimize your Hecarim build with Dantes’ recommendations. Level up your gameplay with effective itemization and runes.
  • League of Legends Wave Management Guide
    Learning how to wave management is one of the most essential parts for becoming a better player and the best part is it’s not as hard as it seems!
  • Tryndamere Build Guide for Season 13
    Discover the ultimate Tryndamere build guide for League of Legends season 13, inspired by the innovator of Tryndamere, Yasukeh.
  • Thebausffs Sion Build Guide
    Discover the ultimate Sion build guide inspired by Thebausffs, the number one Sion player in the world.
  • Twitch Support Build Guide for Season 13
    Escape the bot lane rat race with Twitch support! Learn to carry with his effective kit in SoloQ with our guide inspired by Challenger player jimmykoi.
  • Syndra Build Guide for Season 13
    Improve your Syndra gameplay with our guide inspired by Korean Masters Player Rework Syndra. Discover effective strategies to carry your team and dominate mid.
  • Orianna Build Guide for Season 13
    Want to master Orianna? You’re in the right place! Our comprehensive guide, inspired by challenger player Zianni, has everything you need to know.
  • Thresh Support Build Guide for Season 13
    Here is our full guide on how to play Thresh support in Season 13 highly inspired by the pro player Keria from T1.