The Complete Naafiri Mid Guide

Naafiri Mid Guide

Have you ever been called a dog so much in solo queue that you actually wanted to become one? Well, have no fear, Naafiri is the latest released champion in League of Legends, she is the brand new AD mid lane assassin that鈥檚 actually a dog. In this Naafiri Mid Guide, we鈥檒l be focusing on her best runes, best builds, her playstyle, and some of her matchups.

Naafiri Abilities

Naafiri Mid Runes

If you are feeling spicy and want to be a pure head on assassin, this electrocute setup will be very good for this champion specially against a pretty squishy team. If the enemy team has more of a tanky team comp, consider going for a more bruisery build with Conqueror, Presence of Mind, Tenacity, Last Stand with Resolve secondary.

Naafiri Mid Runes

You can proc Electrocute with 2 Q鈥檚, since your wolves will jump on the enemy on the first Q. Sudden Impact, because Naafiri has 2 dashes, Eyeball Collection will help you for scaling and Treasure Hunter which is good for gold.

For the secondary tree, you can go for something like Coup de Grace for extra damage and Presence of Mind to help with mana issues.

For the secondary tree you can also go Sorcery, with Transcendence and Manaflowband, which will help with early game mana problems aswell and scaling cdr.

Naafiri Mid Build

Long Sword Starting Items: For the most part you鈥檒l be starting a long sword with refillable or a long sword with three health potions, depending on how hard the matchup might be, you can also go doran鈥檚 shield if you want to play safer.

Serrated Dirk First Recall: Ideally you want to recall with around 1050G, so you can buy a Serrated Dirk and Boots which then you will want to upgrade to Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Duskblade Mythic Options: You could either go Eclipse or Duskblade. Duskblade is really strong right now so it鈥檚 obviously a really good buy, but Eclipse seems to also synergize pretty well with Naafiri, if you hit your Q your dogs jump onto the target which will instantly proc Eclipse from literally one ability.

Black Cleaver Second Core Item: You can go for Seryldas or Black Cleaver, you鈥檒l build both of these since they are very strong (you probably see this on every ad assassin build). Black Cleaver gives you armor pen, movement speed, a lot of haste and lot of HP so you become tanky but still do a lot of damage and shred the targets and then obviously Seryldas gives you more armor pen, more ability haste and then a slow. Seryldas will be pretty important to Naafiri because we are very reliant on hitting the Q and if the target is slowed then it鈥檒l be a lot easier to hit your second Q.

Serpents Fang Situational Items: If you are facing like an Ivern or a Lulu you can go for Serpent鈥檚 Fang, if they have super healing, go for Chempunk. Death鈥檚 Dance if you are facing a full AD team, Maw against AP team and Edge of Night if you need to dodge an important ability.

Naafiri Counters

Naafiri Counters
Some of the toughest matchups for Naafiri are: Vex, Irelia and Zed.

Irelia: This should be your ban if you plan on playing Naafiri. She can stack her passive on your dogs and she is also very mobile, which will be very hard for you to hit your Q鈥檚.

Vex: To beat Vex, I recommend you buy Boots as early as possible to dodge her abilities. Buy Edge of Night for better all-ins vs her.

Zed: To beat Zed, you will need to use your E to dodge his combos. Play off his cooldowns and try to buy Ionian Boots early.

Naafiri Combos

Mastering Naafiri鈥檚 deadly combos is essential to secure those all-important kills in the game. While she may seem like a straightforward champion, here are two key combos you鈥檒l want to learn to make your gameplay more effective.

These Combos and Images were taken from here.

Naafiri Combo 1
First pop your R if you have it, then catch up with your W then immediately Q to apply your bleed, now use your E through them to stick on top of them or for extra burst. Finally finish things off with your second Q right before it expires for the max execute damage.
Naafiri Combo 2
The next version is if you鈥檙e already in range of your Q starting with it first is ideal because it will immediately send your packmates onto your target to deal damage and get your bleed going, from there it鈥檚 basically the same thing, W on top of them, E for damage or mobility and finish things off with your second Q.


I highly recommend you watch this video if you want to learn more about Naafiri鈥檚 Gameplay.

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