Renekton Build Guide: D1 To Challenger Secrets

Renekton Guide

Are you a Renekton player who’s tired of struggling to maintain a good win rate with your Renekton Build?

Unfortunately, not all Renekton players can go from Diamond to Challenger as quickly as the 3in1 player. In fact, according to, Renekton is considered a D-tier champion with only about a 48% win rate.

But not everyone struggles. Renekton players like 3in1 have defied the odds and exceeded all expectations of a reasonable win rate.

The question is: how can you avoid being under that 50% win rate?

In this Renekton guide, I’m going to show you how the player 3in1, one of the most successful Renekton players in the world, and renowned players like Canna, Kiin, and Bin, excel at Renekton and carry their games.

Renekton Build Guide

Renekton has had a few changes throughout Season 13, let’s go over the crucial changes that the champion had and why the player 3in1 was able to go on an insane winning streak with Bruiser Renekton.

The most recent Renekton buffs favour Bruiser a decent amount. It’s still powerful going full AD, however, with the removal of Prowler’s Claw active, it hasn’t been the same ever since due to all the durability patches and mobility that’s going on in the game.

Renekton’s ult cooldown went down 20 seconds per rank, which is massive. Since Renekton is an ult-gated champion, it’s significant as a bruiser since you can fight more often. Another huge change was the tick damage by the ult was considerably increased per rank. Another crucial buff was his E (reduced by 2 seconds) since all your trades revolve around it in the top lane.

Renekton Build by 3in1

Renekton’s build path can differ from game to game, depending on your matchup top lane. That said, 3in1 goes for Goredrinker over any other Mythic item in most of his matches. This item provides exceptional strength for snowballing your lane, whichever is a foundation of success with your Renekton games.

Apart from Goredrinker, 3in1 introduces several other essential items to consider for your Renekton build:

  1. Sterak’s Gage
  2. Black Cleaver
  3. Gargoyle Stoneplate
  4. Abyssal Mask

If you are winning your matchups and don’t need Black Cleaver for it, Sterak’s Gage makes it so you’re a 1v9 teamfighter so quickly. The item is crazy on Renekton at the moment.

Black Cleaver remains a valuable choice, particularly when facing opponents with a lot armour or when you require the cooldown reduction it provides.

Another crazy item on Renekton right now is Gargoyle Stoneplate, especially since Statikk Shiv and stuff like AP Kai’Sa are in the game. Gargoyle is significant against a lot of mixed damage on the enemy comp.

For Abyssal Mask, you can even opt for an early Negatron Cloak and solely sit on it, because it’s more gold-efficient than Spectre’s Cowl from Spirit Visage.

Bruiser Renekton Runes

Conqueror offers stacking damage and healing for sustained trades, which is massive for Renekton Top in most matchups.

Renekton Runes

While most Renekton players usually choose Second Wind and Unflinching for the secondary tree, 3in1 opts for Demolish. He also goes for double offensive instead of taking attack speed since it adds up to much more damage. The rest of the runes are standard for Renekton for quite some time now.

Renekton Starting Items & Skill Order

Renekton Skill Order

3in1 typically follows a specific skill order when playing Renekton. His priority is to maximize his effectiveness in different phases of the game. The order generally goes as follows:

This is what the ideal ability max looks like. You want 3 points in your Q for lane, get level 6, hard stomp your laner and then max your W for scaling. Not only is it better for scaling, but it’s also better for all innings and getting two W’s off your cooldown, which is similar to your Q cooldown.

Renekton Starting Items

3in1 adapts his starting items depending on the matchup:

  • Long Sword & Refillable Potion: He often starts with a Long Sword and a Refillable Potion, mainly when confident in the matchup and expects to play aggressively.
  • Doran’s Shield: In cases where he needs more sustain and defense, he may go for a Doran’s Shield. This choice is common when facing champions like Jax or Jayce.

He also prefers Ignite as his Summoner spell choice about 70% of his games.


In summary, this guide offers insights from top Renekton players like 3in1. Renekton’s Season 13 changes favor the Bruiser build.

3in1’s Renekton build focuses on Goredrinker and essential items like Sterak’s Gage, Black Cleaver, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Abyssal Mask. You can obviously adapt these items to your in-game needs.

For runes, Conqueror and Demolish are preferred. 3in1 often starts with Long Sword and Refillable Potion for aggression, occasionally opting for Doran’s Shield for defense.

In about 70% of games, 3in1 goes with Ignite as his Summoner spell.

Following this guide closely, you will get the most out of Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands.