Thebausffs Sion Build Guide

Thebausffs Sion Build Guide

Discover the ultimate Sion build guide inspired by Thebausffs, the number one Sion player in the world.


  • Sion AD Runes
  • Sion Tank Runes

For a Sion AD lethality build, go for the Phase Rush page while for a tank Sion build, go for Grasp of the Undying page.

On the Shards’ third option, you can either go armor or magic resist depending on the matchup.


Sion AD Build

With AD Sion, TheBaus goes Flash and Teleport with the following skill order: R>Q>E>W.

Full AD Sion Build Example

Items for AD Sion

Sion Tank Build

With Tank Sion, TheBaus goes Ghost and Teleport with the following skill order: R>Q>W>E.

Tank Sion Build Example

Sunfire Aegis
Boots of Swiftness
Titanic Hydra
Gargoyle Stoneplate

Items for Tank Sion


For the early game, you want to trade like a mage-burst-assassin, your trade patterns are going to be quick trades into 1 or 2 auto attacks then disengage. A great way to enable this is through freezing waves under your tower. When you have nothing to do after shoving a wave or something like that, you want to be looking for cheeses using a fully charged Q from Bushes or Fog of War.

TheBaus favorite way of laning is to not lane at all. He prefers proxying, ideally, you want to be level 5 with Bami’s Cinder for Tank Sion or Serrated Dirk for AD Sion. TheBaus also dies strategically (people might refer to it as INTING) in the lane so he can break the enemy’s freeze by killing the minions with his passive. He typically does this when facing champions he can never beat 1v1 like Irelia.

In the mid game, you want to be side laning to gain solo exp and all the farm that you need. Never stop farming, always make sure to catch every single wave on side lanes. And again, you want to always be looking for picks using Fog of War, to fully charge your Q’s.

Late game, same thing, keep looking for picks using Fog of War. With Tank Sion, you are going to be looking to group with your team and front line for them. For AD Sion, you want to prioritize split pushing. Trying to make the team fights 5v4 due to your fast rotation with ult.


Soul Furnace
Roar of the Slayer
TheBaus Special


This guide is heavily inspired by the playstyle and build path of Thebaus, who is the number one best Sion player in the world. His innovative approach to Sion gameplay has made him stand out in the League community. With Thebausffs as my mentor, I am confident that this guide will help you take your Sion gameplay to the next level. If you want to learn more about Sion, I highly recommend following Thebausffs on his Twitch stream and YouTube channel.