How to Defeat Expert Lux in Tournament of Souls

Beat Expert Lux

You’ve just defeated Expert Gwen and now things are becoming increasingly more challenging… After you’ve gained a minimum reputation of 50 you can face the Expert Lux. After a few attempts, I finally figured out how to easily beat expert Lux in Tournament of Souls and what to look out for when battling against her.

How to Beat Expert Mode Lux in Tournament of Souls

Break Lux Shield

Lux will be much more challenging than Gwen. But if you have the correct abilities and combos down, you’ll easily defeat Expert Mode Lux. The abilities you’ll want to have down are:

  • Q: Piercing Precision – 3 piercing shots for a total of 210 damage that break shields and increase the duration of airborne.
  • W: Back Atcha – Spin twice for 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects while reflecting a max of 500 damage back to an opponent for 1s. If Samira blocks 300 damage or greater, gain one additional style point.
  • E: Severe Strike – Stab forward for 265 damage inflicting wounded for 4s. If the enemy is bleeding, refresh the bleed duration.
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak – Increase crit chance from 25% to 75% for 10s, and unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.

With these abilities down you’ll be able to break Lux’s shield and use your W to counter her ultimate.

Combo to Beat Expert Mode Lux in Tournament of Souls

Counter Lux Ultimate

They key thing to beat Expert Mode Lux in Tournament of Souls is all about timing your abilities correctly.
To easily beat Lux in Tournament of Souls, follow this strategic abilities combo:

  • E and Q Combo: Combine E (Severe Strike) and Q (Piercing Precision) abilities for maximum damage.
  • Remove Shield with Q: Press Q (Chaotic Daybreak) to remove Lux’s shield before using other abilities.
  • Counter with W: Hold on to your W (Back Atcha) and use it only when you see Lux’s ultimate ability animation.
  • Use Ultimate Strategically: Use your ultimate ability when available, but hold it if Lux is shielded.
  • Ignore Basic Attacks: Lux’s basic attacks deal minimal damage, so focus on countering her abilities.

Successfully countering Lux’s ultimate is 90% of the battle. Patience is key, remain patient and wait for opportunities to counter her abilities and also practice the strategy and adapt based on Lux’s actions/animations. After a few tries hopefully you’ve defeated Expert Mode Lux in tournament of souls!

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