How To Defeat God’s Eye Viego In Tournament of Souls

Beat God's Eye Viego

So you’ve reached the final battle in the story mode. After you’ve gained a minimum reputation of 40 you can face the God’s Eye Viego. To beat the ??? God’s Eye Viego in Tournament of Souls boss might be pretty challenging, especially if you don’t have the correct abilities down.

How To Beat God’s Eye Viego in Tournament of Souls

After beating the previous Viego, you’ll need to have these abilities down to easily defeat the God’s Eye Viego:

  • Q: Piercing Precision – 3 piercing shots for a total of 210 damage that break shields and increase the duration of airborne.
  • W: Sky Scraper – Upward slash for 230 damage that sends the enemy airborne.
  • E: Style on ‘Em – Slash rapidly, dealing 230 damage, and gain one additional style point. If enemy is airborne, deal 50% bonus damage.
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak – Increase crit chance from 25% to 75% for 10s, and unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.

With these abilities you are going to be able to nullify most of God’s Eye Viego damage.

Combo to Beat God’s Eye Viego in Tournament of Souls

Purple life bar

To easily beat God’s Eye Viego in Tournament of Souls, follow this effective abilities combo:

  1. Start with your W to send the enemy airborne.
  2. Quickly follow it up with Q to increase the duration of airborne.
  3. Use your E, gaining extra ‘style’ if the enemy is airborne.
  4. Execute another Q and repeat.
  5. Wait to use your R ultimate for when you see the purple life bar under Samira.

Following this combo will allow you to deny God’s Eye Viego’s whole ultimate damage on you.

Note: When you see him turn into Sett or Lux, use your Q to lower his shield and continue with the combo to finish him off.

That’s pretty much it! You’ve defeated God’s Eye Viego and finished the story mode in Tournament of Souls!