How To Defeat Shaco In Tournament of Souls

How To Beat Shaco In Tournament of Souls

Shaco was the first character that I struggled with in Tournament of Souls as it is the first time the mode requires you to go and pick the required abilities to win a battle. So I thought it would be a good idea to help you guys out, so you can easily beat him as well!

How To Beat Shaco in Tournament of Souls

To take on this challenge, you will need a minimum reputation of 32. Reputation can be earned by winning 1v1 battles against different champions in the Tournament of Souls, completing missions, and playing in the LoL arena. Once you have earned enough Reputation, you can progress to the next challenge.

The abilities you will need to beat Shaco are:

  • Q: Quick Shot – Fire a fast shot for 160 damage. When used to change weapons, fires twice.
  • W: Back Atcha – Spin twice for 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects while reflecting a max of 500 damage back to an opponent for 1s. If Samira blocks 300 damage or greater, gain one additional style point.
  • E: Twilight Rush – Dash forward for 100 damage, breaking shields, and place a sticky bomb that explodes for 130, damaging all enemies after 2s. Following with a gun ability detonates early, causing the grenade to critically strike.
  • R: Immortal Inferno – Unleash a torrent of shots for 550 damage, healing a total of 500.
Samira Abilities

Combo to Beat Shaco in Tournament of Souls

To win this round against Shaco, you will need a bit more patience and hold on to your abilities to use them effectively.

  1. Start with E to begin the combo.
  2. Detonate the Q to explode the dropped grenade.
  3. Block an attack with W.
  4. Use Q again to complete the combo.
  5. Use E a final time to fully charge your R, which you need to activate each time it’s up.
  6. Once your ultimate has ended, you can repeat this combo.

Another thing to note is that if you can try timing the W with Shaco’s ultimate for maximum efficiency. It doesn’t need to be perfect to get it completed as long as you follow the rotation of E > Q > W > Q and pressing R whenever it’s up, it should be pretty easy. Also, try not to use abilities when he goes in stealth mode.

After you’ve learned how to beat Shaco in Tournament of Souls, you can face the next Soul Fighter, Viego.