How To Defeat Viego In Tournament of Souls

How To Beat Viego In Tournament of Souls

After reaching Stage 10 and mastering how to defeat Viego in the Tournament of Souls, you’ll face God’s Eye Viego. League of Legends’ newest event offers a unique journey with comic-style art and different gameplay. Getting to Viego means you’ve beaten other Soul Fighters and earned your place at the top. It’s a challenging fight, so use healing abilities and the right combos to win against him and God’s Eye Viego.

How To Beat Viego in Tournament of Souls

So you’ve just beat Soul Fighter Shaco in Tournament of Souls. To take on this next Viego challenge, you will need a minimum reputation of 36. But before you get into the fight, make sure you have these skills equipped:

  • Q: Deadshot – Puncturing shot that deals 70 damage and causes bleeding for 160 damage over 4s. If already bleeding, the initial shot deals 4x damage.
  • W: Blade Drain – Slice twice for 175 damage, healing 250 total. If the enemy is wounded, heal double.
  • E: Severe Strike – Stab forward for 265 damage inflicting wounded for 4s. If the enemy is bleeding, refresh the bleed duration.
  • R: Immortal Inferno – Unleash a torrent of shots for 550 damage, healing a total of 500.

The main goal to defeat Viego, the Ruined King is to mitigate his damage with your abilities and out life steal him.

Combo to Beat Viego in Tournament of Souls

Samira W vs Soul Figther Viego

To maximize your chances against Viego in Tournament of Souls, follow this effective abilities combo:

  1. Start with E to engage the fight.
  2. Quickly follow up with Q to deal damage.
  3. Use W to gain life steal and sustain.
  4. Execute another Q for additional damage.
  5. Finally, use E to unlock enough ‘style’ to use your R ultimate.
  6. Repeat.

Note: After using your ultimate, avoid using W while E is on cooldown to maintain your lifesteal combo and ensure a quick and easy fight.

After you’ve learned how to beat Viego in Tournament of Souls, it’s time to face the God’s Eye Viego, Soul Fighter.