How to Defeat Expert Gwen in Tournament of Souls

Beat Expert Gwen

Once you’ve completed the Story mode of Tournament of Souls in League of Legends, you might find yourself challenged in Expert mode. The complexity intensifies, adding to the excitement of the League of Legends client mini-game. In the Expert mode of Tournament of Souls, Samira is confronted with a fresh challenge – defeating Expert Gwen. This time, the battle won’t come as effortlessly.

How to Beat Expert Mode Gwen in Tournament of Souls

With a minimum reputation of 45, you’re set to challenge Gwen and earn the Soul Fighter Gwen Combat Icon.

Let’s go over the abilities you need to defeat Expert mode Gwen in the Tournament of Souls:

  • Q: Piercing Precision – 3 piercing shots for a total of 210 damage that break shields and increase the duration of airborne.
  • W: Blade Drain – Slice twice for 175 damage, healing 250 total. If the enemy is wounded, heal double.
  • E: Severe Strike – Stab forward for 265 damage inflicting wounded for 4s. If the enemy is bleeding, refresh the bleed duration.
  • R: Chaotic Daybreak – Increase crit chance from 25% to 75% for 10s, and unleash a torrent of shots for 700 damage.

There are various abilities you can bring to this battle, but these ones seem to be pretty effective.

Combo to Beat Expert Mode Gwen in Tournament of Souls

Combo to Beat Expert Mode Gwen

To effectively use your combo rotation, follow these steps:

  1. Start out with your E.
  2. Follow it up with Q.
  3. Then W.
  4. Press Q one more time.
  5. Finally press R, using your ultimate when ready.
  6. Repeat.

If you are having no luck with this build you can try out the combo Q3-W3-E1-R1 with the combo being E > Q > W > Q and using R when you can.
An important tip for this build is to not use abilities when the screen is cloudy since the abilities have no effect during it.