Tarzaned Graves Build 13.11

Tarzaned Graves Build 13.11

Discover the optimized Graves Build 13.11 Guide, based on Tarzaned’s latest video. This comprehensive guide features core items like Duskblade, Collector, Black Cleaver, and Bloodthirster, enabling you to unleash Graves’ full potential in Season 13.

Graves Build 13.11

This is the new graves build for 13.11 that Tarzaned has been running lately after the nerfs on Stormrazor and Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

Dark Harvest Item Setup

Duskblade of Draktharr The Collector Black Cleaver Bloodthirster Serylda's Grudge

The itemization for Graves in patch 13.11 consists of several key items that Tarzaned has been using effectively. Let’s break down the build:

Scorchclaw Pup Smite Choice: Tarzaned typically goes for Red Smite to enhance damage and provide self-peel with the extra slow. He goes Red Smite mainly because of the health % damage. On the other hand, Blue Smite can be quite strong as well, but Tarzaned feels that Graves already has plenty of movement speed already, which is why he tends to lean towards Red Smite.

Boots Boots: Tarzaned usually opts for Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps (Tabis) or Mercury's Treads Mercury’s Treads (Mercs) as his preferred boot choices. He believes that survivability and reducing crowd control effects are crucial for Graves, especially when playing as a frontline.

Duskblade of Draktharr Duskblade: Tarzaned suggests rushing Duskblade as the core item. Duskblade provides increased damage against enemy champions based on their missing health and grants the ability to become untargetable and invulnerable to non-structure damage for a short duration after scoring a takedown on an enemy champion within 3 seconds of damaging them. This item offers great utility and is particularly effective against squishy teams.

The Collector Collector: Against squishy team comps, the next core item is Collector. It grants bonus lethality, critical strike chance, and the ability to execute low-health enemies. The execute effect makes it a powerful tool for securing kills and snowballing in the early game.

Black Cleaver Black Cleaver: Against tankier compositions, Tarzaned recommends building Duskblade into Black Cleaver as the second core item (instead of collector) . It provides armor penetration, health, and cooldown reduction, enhancing your damage output and survivability.

Last Whisper Last Whisper: The third core item (against tankier teams) is the Last Whisper, which gives armor penetration. Tarzaned suggests building Serylda's Grudge Serylda’s Grudge in most cases, as it provides additional attack damage, ability haste, and a powerful slow effect. However, Mortal Reminder Mortal Reminder can be a viable alternative if the enemy team has a lot of healing.

Bloodthirster Bloodthirster: As a fourth item, Tarzaned suggests building Bloodthirster for increased attack damage (Engorge: While above 50% Health, gain additional Attack Damage.) and sustain through 18% healing. It provides additional survivability and allows you to stay in map/fights longer.

Prowler's Claw Situational Items: Tarzaned emphasizes the importance of building situational items based on the game circumstances. If you want to do more damage against full squishy comps you can go Prowler's Claw Prowler’s Claw. For heavy AP compositions, you can go Edge of Night Edge of Night or Maw of Malmortius Maw, if the enemies have shields you can go Serpent's Fang Serpent’s Fang. You can also go Rapid Firecannon Rapid Firecannon against champions like Ezreal/Janna that you can’t really Auto Attack, this item will help you. He also recommends going Guardian Angel Guardian Angel against like assassins or true damage champions(Camille, Darius, Cho’Gath, etc.).

Graves Runes 13.11

Graves Runes 13.11

These have been the most efficient runes Tarzaned has used for the 13.11 patch. The rune stats after the games usually show really high damage on every slot. For the Shards, it is recommended to go double Adaptive adaptive force and Health HP. However, if you are up against a team with heavy AD champions, opting for Armor armor instead of Health HP can provide additional durability. Likewise, if you are facing heavy AP champions, going for Magic Resist magic resist can be a more effective choice to lessen their damage.

Final Thoughts

To truly grasp Tarzaned’s playstyle and understand the full potential of the Graves build 13.11, I highly recommend watching his gameplay footage. Observing his gameplay will provide valuable insights into his decision-making, mechanics, and overall approach to playing Graves. By combining this visual reference with the recommended core itemization of Duskblade, Collector, Black Cleaver, and Bloodthirster, you can effectively unleash Graves’ 1v9 playstyle, dominating the jungle and carrying games with ease.