Play Hecarim Like Dantes – Hecarim 13.11 Build Guide

Hecarim 13.10 Build

With the introduction of the new 13.11 patch, players have been seeking guidance for Hecarim on stuff such as rune choices, item builds, and playstyle. Recently, Dantes made a youtube video where he delves into these questions, providing valuable insights and recommendations. We will review the key points raised in the video to help you improve your Hecarim in the current patch. Whether you prefer the Conqueror or Phase Rush setup, understanding the matchups, rune choices, and item builds will definitely impact your performance.

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Hecarim 13.11 Build by Dantes

An example build for when you go Conqueror is to start with Trinity Force into Black Cleaver and Sterak’s Gage. These three items should always be your core items. After completing these, you can consider building items such as Spirit Visage, Gargoyle Stoneplate, Death’s Dance, or Serylda’s Grudge depending on the enemy team composition and what you need to deal with. You should adapt your itemization accordingly to optimize your effectiveness in the game.

Dante’s recommended itemization for the Phase Rush setup involves starting with either Youmuu’s Ghostblade or Eclipse, depending on the enemy team’s squishiness. If the opponents are more squishy, Youmuu’s Ghostblade is the preferred choice, prioritizing early snowballing and aggressive play. On the other hand, Eclipse is suggested when a scaling approach is needed. After the initial item, Dante suggests building Muramana as the second item, allowing for a fully stacked Manamune that delivers a tremendous power spike. Beyond that, the remaining items can be tailored to the specific situation, such as including Spear of Shojin or Black Cleaver as needed.

Hecarim 13.11 Runes

One big thing that we have to get out of the way right away is that right now Conquerorconqueror is better than Phase RushPhase Rush and the reason why is because with the Trinity and Sterak’s buffs it has made it so now ConquerorConqueror is actually a really viable setup for 1v9’ing games.

Conqueror Setup

So the times you want to go ConquerorConqueror, are when you have a jungle matchup that is really good for a Conqueror matchup. Meaning, think of champions that go in and try to fight you, such as Diana, Viego, Rengar, and Zac. Any champion that goes in and locks into the fight is when you want to go conquer. Another condition for going conquer, even if the previous condition isn’t met, is if the enemy team has a lot of CC that you cannot dodge. For example, imagine facing a Nautilus support or an Amumu support. These champions have undodgeable CC, so if you go phase rush against them, it won’t help you because you’ll just get CC’d and killed. Therefore, conqueror is the standard rune setup that you’ll want to take in the majority of your games.

Hecarim Conqueror Runes

The reason why you go with this setup is because it’s what makes you the strongest. Waterwalking and Celerity ensure that you always come out on top in early river fights. Taking 10% attack speed allows you to stack ConquerorConqueror faster with auto attacks. It’s important to note that you should prioritize Legend: Tenacity over Legend: Alacrity when going Conqueror, since you shouldn’t really take Conqueror anyways if the enemy team lacks crowd control (CC).

Phase Rush Setup

The Phase RushPhase Rush setup differs from Conqueror and can be a bit more challenging to grasp. You should opt for Phase Rush when the enemy team composition allows for kiting or when the jungle matchup favors this rune choice. For example, when facing champions like Lillia, Graves or even Kindred, who aim to attack you and then quickly kite away.

The primary rune setup remains consistent and has been used for several seasons. However, the secondary rune choices offer different advantages and serve distinct purposes. If you anticipate facing some crowd control and are uncertain about your ability to dodge abilities, opting for the Precision secondary with Tenacity is recommended. This setup enhances your survivability in fights with Triumph and provides additional tenacity to shorten the duration of CC, allowing for better repositioning.

Another rune setup worth considering, though not very popular, is Magical Footwear and Futures Market. This combination is particularly useful when you aim to gain an early lead. For instance, against a though opponent like Kha’Zix who may have a serrated Dirk on their first reset, this setup enables you to match their damage by not investing gold in early boots. It provides you with additional gold to work with, allowing you to keep up with powerful enemy junglers in the early game. However, it’s worth noting that this setup emphasizes an early-game focus, which may not align with the usual playstyle on Hecarim, which typically scales until reaching two to three items.

Dante’s personal favorite secondary rune setup for Hecarim is Eyeball Collection and Ingenious Hunter. He likes this setup because it enables him to fully stack Manamune for his second item, resulting in an incredible power spike. By opting for Eyeball Collection and Ingenious Hunter, Dante maximizes his potential and enhances his playstyle on Hecarim. This rune combination has consistently proven effective for him.

Hecarim’s Flexible Rune Choices for Champions and Team Compositions

There are certain champions where both the ConquerorConqueror and Phase RushPhase Rush setups can be equally effective. For example, champions like Kha’Zix and Diana provide flexibility in your rune selection depending on team composition as well. While Conqueror is generally preferred against Diana, there are situations where Phase Rush can also be viable. It’s crucial to align your rune choice with your jungle matchup and consider the enemy team’s composition. If they have champions like Samira and Nautilus in the bot lane, Phase Rush may not be the optimal choice, whereas against champions like Jhin and Janna, it could work well. Always analyze the enemy team, determine your desired playstyle, and select your rune setup accordingly.


In conclusion, understanding the matchups, rune choices, and item builds is crucial for optimizing your performance on Hecarim. Whether you prefer the Conqueror or Phase Rush setup, adapting your strategy based on the enemy team’s composition and your desired playstyle is key. By following Dante’s recommendations and considering factors such as cc, jungle matchups, and kiting potential, you can enhance your effectiveness on Hecarim in the current patch.