A Comprehensive Dantes Hecarim Build Guide for Season 14

Dantes Hecarim Build Guide

Dantes, the most well-known Hecarim player in the world has released a Hecarim guide for season 14. Drawing from his video, we’ll go over Dantes Hecarim build, rune choice as well as the path you want to take for season 14.

Dantes Jungle Path

Since the season 14 three camps clear are no longer viable, the most effective approach is to play for a full clear or a level one invade in every game. To invade level one you must have a stronger top or bot laner, otherwise, stick with the full clear.

Generally, you want to full clear top to bot most of your game, especially if you know the enemy bot lane will perma push the waves.

Whenever you are going for a full clear, you want to ward level one to the opposite buff that you are starting. Therefore, if you’re starting blue, you need to ward off your red. If you’re starting red, you need to ward your blue early. If the enemy jungler does any kind of cheese pathing you’ll know right away exactly where they’re going and what to do.

Dantes Hecarim Runes

Dantes has been experiencing Conqueror lately but doesn’t like it. Therefore, he prefers going Phase Rush with tenacity every game.

Dantes Hecarim Runes

Phase rush and tenacity allow you to avoid the need for ingenious hunters and inspiration. Getting tenacity can be helpful because if you ever find yourself unable to dodge an ability or something like that, it simply means that you won’t be instantly demolished before the CC duration expires.

Dantes Hecarim Build

The standard Hecarim full build that Dantes goes for is Ionian boots, Spear of Shojin, Opportunity, Profane Hydra and Serylda’s Grudge. Get this and you are 1v9 every game.

Dantes Hecarim Build

The first recall is pretty much always the same. When facing a comp that uses split damage (ad/ap), your goal should always be to get Ionian boots into a long sword on the first back and begin building Spear of Shojin components.

The choice of the second item is always dependent on the composition of the enemy team. As a standard option, Opportunity is ideal for capitalizing on an early lead and snowballing your advantage. 

Against a mainly physical damage team, Death’s Dance offers survivability and sustain. On the other hand, when facing heavy magic damage champs, Maw of Malmortius is great. Serpent’s Fang becomes a priority against teams relying heavily on shields, while Chempunk Chainsword is essential for countering champs that heal a lot. Against burst-heavy compositions, Sterak’s Gage offers a defensive shield that counters, while Serylda’s Grudge is crucial for penetrating armor against tanky champs.

Dantes Jungle Advice

Dantes prefers giving the first Voidgrub and trading it for the first dragon. That way if your team gets ahead then you just snowball with Soul as early as possible. If your team gets behind then the enemy team cannot close out with soul because you’ve stalled the game by a dragon or two.

For general jungle fundamentals, the Dantes level priority checklist goes as follows:

  1. Major objectives (dragon, baron, herald …)
  2. Side laning/Turrets
  3. Enemy jungle invade
  4. Your own jungle


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