Twitch Support Build Guide for Season 13

Crime City Twitch

Are you tired of being stuck in the rat race of bot lane? Well, it’s time to go cheesy with Twitch support! In this guide, inspired by the Challenger player jimmykoi, we’ll show you how good Twitch is in SoloQ and how to carry with his very effective kit.


Why should you pick Twitch as your support? Twitch’s invisibility allows him to roam and surprise enemies, setting up ganks and securing kills. With his poison and slowness, Twitch can apply constant pressure on enemies, making them play cautiously (even if you are at spawn).

If you’re looking for a unique and cheesy way to dominate the map, Twitch support is the pick for you!

Pros & Cons for playing Twitch Support:


Twitch Support Runes

Absolute Focus and Gathering Storm are Jimmykoi’s preferred secondary, but you could also go Presence Of Mind and Legend: Alacrity, they can help Twitch with his early game mana issues and provide him with additional attack speed to stack his poison more quickly.

It also comes down to personal preference, Twitch support is more focused on the early game and snowballing his advantage, making Presence of Mind and Legend: Alacrity most likely a better fit for his playstyle.


Early Game Items:


Spectral Sickle
Health Potion
Dark Seal
Blasting Wand
Oracle Lens

Boots Options:

Item order by the time finished:



Q Misdirection: Twitch can temporarily turn invisible and move more quickly thanks to his Q ability, Ambush. You can use this to deceive your opponents. For instance, you could activate Ambush and move in one direction before quickly turning around and moving in the opposite direction to surprise your opponents to either escape or reposition for an attack.

Twitch Q missdirection 1
Twitch Q missdirection 2

Lv 1 Cheese mid: At level 1, Twitch support can pull off a sneaky and unpredictable gank on the enemy mid laner. With Q levelled up first, Twitch can invisibly approach the enemy mid laner and unleash a burst of poison and damage, often forcing the enemy mid to panic and waste their flash. This not only gives your mid laner an early advantage in health but also sets the tone and cautious atmosphere for the rest of the game.

Laning Phase: During the laning phase, you want to get as much gold as possible by poking or AA’ing them enemy support/adc from the Spectral Sickle item.

Most of the time though you want to look for as many successful roams to either mid, top or invades with your jungler.

TeamFighting Mid/Late Game: As Twitch you want to look for potential picks on squishies. Look for a flank, this doesn’t mean flank all the way behind them, it also means flanking from the sides. When a teamfight is breaking out and you can find a flank angle on enemy ADC/Midlaner and burst them dead, you weaken the enemy’s dps and will most likely win the fight.

Twitch TeamFighting