Tryndamere Build Guide for Season 13

Tryndamere Build Guide

Discover the ultimate Tryndamere build guide for League of Legends season 13, inspired by the innovator of Tryndamere, Yasukeh.

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What is Tryndamere?

Tryndamere is pretty much a melee AD carry known for his high physical damage and critical strikes. He is perfect against melee and immobile champions but struggles against opponents who stack armor or go the very skilled item building, bramble vest – ninja tabi.

With his high AD and an ultimate that gives him temporary immortality, Tryndamere is a very good split pusher capable of diving enemies under turrets. He thrives off early kills and being proactive in the game to build up momentum, falling behind can make it very challenging for him to have an impact. Therefore, mastering Tryndamere’s early game is crucial for his success.

Pros & Cons for playing Tryndamere:

Tryndamere Runes

Tryndamere Runes
Standard Lethal Page Runes



Tryndamere is a full melee champion and needs to constantly be dealing damage to be a threat. Flash and Ghost are the best at keeping you in range of enemies, while also scaling the best throughout the game.

Tryndamere Build

Yasukeh Burst Build

Starting Items: Doran's Shield Doran’s Shield is the best starting item for Tryndamere, providing the ideal balance of offense and defense, allowing for increased trading opportunities and enhanced durability against opponent pressure.

First Items: Berserker's Greaves Berserker’s Greaves is the optimal first item to rush as it provides valuable attack speed and movement speed, essential stats for Tryndamere. Tiamat allows for faster and more efficient minion wave clearing. The lifesteal from Vampiric Scepter is great for maintaining high HP, enabling you to stay on the map longer.

Core Items: Hydra Hydra is a powerful AD item that lets you stay on the map forever until you choose to recall and lets you split push/farm much faster and reliably. Essence River Essence River is the perfect item for Tryndamere, offering CDR, AD, and Crit stats that increase his burst damage and a sheen proc that functions as an extra critical strike, all at a cost-effective price allowing you to obtain it quickly. Eclipse Eclipse is a highly effective item for Tryndamere, providing strong lethality, a 6-second cooldown shield, burst damage, essential movement speed, and insane ability haste.

Full Build: Infinity Edge Infinity Edge is another very strong item, it increases your damage drastically by increasing your crit damage. Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer is great when playing against team compositions where you need the extra movement speed or need to spike right away, it can be chosen over Infinity Edge because it costs 800 less gold. But you still need to build IE after.

Korean Split Push Build

Tryndamere Matchups

Tryndamere Counters


Akali – Before she reaches level 6, try to be aggressive. Auto-trade for E, then leave while constantly pressing Q. To have a playable game, you need an early-game snowball because Akali outscales you extremely hard.

Tryndamere Ideal Matchups


Irelia – It’s crucial to avoid getting hit by her stun. She won’t be able to win trades without minions. Beware of her passive in the early game since it gives her more damage output than you. So, save your spin to try and dodge her E stun.


Malphite – He can still be killed before getting armor items. Go for a trade or all-in when he uses E on the minion wave. Trade frequently and take benefit of your sustainable advantage. Play the matchup as aggressively as you can early game. If you don’t snowball against him, you must use really good map rotations/macro to try to take fights or turrets while he isn’t around.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo – It’s a very easy matchup. Make sure to dodge cleavers to maintain high health. When he misses a cleaver, capitalize on the opportunity to trade or go all-in.


Poppy – She can trade with you very well, especially if you allow her to get an E wall stun. Her W stops your spin (E). Try to fight her primarily with auto attacks and short spins to prevent her from popping her W and knocking you up. She can also quickly become very tanky, making it difficult for you to easily create windows that allow you to kill her if you don’t get ahead.


Illaoi – You will win all of your trades if you dodge the E grab and play around her cooldowns. If she’s smart and won’t let you do that, play safe, don’t feed, and get what you can early. It’s probably recommended that you bring ignite for this matchup and only use it when she ults, so it reduces her healing.


Darius – He shares a similar playstyle of auto attack-based combat, but unlike Tryndamere, he can invest in defensive attributes. Aim for quick trades without allowing him to stack his passive. Make use of his vulnerability when his E ability is on cooldown or poorly utilized. Darius is vulnerable to ganks, so coordinating with your jungler can be very helpful.


Yorick – As soon as he spawns ghouls, try to kill them asap. Avoid using your Spin (E) to start the trades, because he can just W cage and kite you. As soon as he summons his R Maiden, kill it. Also, avoid single AA trades as his Q will out damage you and you will lose the trade.

Tryndamere Skills Order

Tryndamere Skills Order

Start the game with levelling E. Take Q level 2 and 3 and W level 4. Max Q first, E 2nd, W 3rd, and R last.
The reason you should max ultimate last is because it only gives you a small amount of extra fury on cast, and 10 seconds off its cooldown. Levelling other abilities first gives you more value.

Tryndamere Tips & Tricks


If you want to take your Tryndamere to the next level, I would recommend watching Yasukeh’s content on Twitch and Youtube. He goes more In-depth on the Builds, Itemization, Matchups, and what to do in certain situations of the game.

Also want to give credit to the Challenger Tryndamere player RANGERZX for the gameplay provided on the GIFs.

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