7 Best Beginner Killers in Dead by Daylight

Best Beginner Killers in Dead by Daylight

Ready to dive into Dead by Daylight as a killer? I’ve got your back!

This guide lists the top seven killers for beginners, based on my experience reaching Rank 1 and community feedback. It will also give you a clear fundamental to understanding each killer, empowering you to experiment fearlessly. This list is going to help you understand and find the best beginner killer in DBD.

7. The Onryō – Sadako Yamamura

The Onryō - Sadako Yamamura

After Onryō’s rework, the developers placed her in a much better spot for new players.

Sadako does have difficult elements, but by and large, she’s quite straightforward now with her reworked Condemned mechanic. Her Stealth can be a little complex too, but overall she is pretty straightforward.

Teleport often, hit survivors with tapes, and play normally otherwise.

6. The Skull Merchant – Adriana Imai

The Skull Merchant - Adriana Imai

The Skull Merchant does depend on how you play her. If you do her 3-gen strat, it is mind-numbingly easy. But it can be a little trickier and takes some getting used to when playing her as more of a chase character.

She has a lot of stuff in her kit, although they aren’t hard to use.

5. The Clown – Jeffrey Hawk

The Clown - Jeffrey Hawk

The Clown brings the best 3 perks for beginner killer players. For instance, Bamboozle helps with strong loop chases. The Coulrophobia perk will reduce survivors’ healing speed and the popular Pop within the terror radius.

Pop Goes the Weasel has a lot of power. After hooking a survivor, the next generator kicked will lose 30% of its progress. This perk is ideal for any build centred on generator kicks, and it is well worth levelling up The Clown for.

The only challenging part for the Clown is his bottle placement and management.

4. The Knight – Tarhos Kovács

The Knight - Tarhos Kovács

The Knight is one of, if not the best indoor killer in Dead by Daylight. Primarily you’ll play him as an M1, dropping guards to cancel out loops. 

The hardest part of Knight is learning how to predict well when placing your Guards.

There are also a few tricks such as trying to land a double hit and managing the types of guards.

Overall, though, Knight’s a fairly simple killer.

3. The Nightmare – Freddy Krueger

The Nightmare - Freddy Krueger

Freddy has many things he can do like snares, fake pallets, and teleport, but in the end, it’s all extremely basic. He’s essentially just an M1 killer with a bit of anti-loop.

His tricks are minimal, and his skill ceiling is pretty low.

2. The Legion – Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey

The Legion - Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey

The Legion can use Feral Frenzy to move fast between Survivors, also hitting survivors and causing Deep Wounds. This slows the game as Survivors have to mend and heal, causing a lot of pressure on survivors.

The literal side of Legion’s power of running, vaulting, and hitting, is simple and easy to learn.

1. The Wraith – Philip Ojomo

The Wraith - Philip Ojomo

Wraith is one of the perfect killers to learn in Dead by Daylight. His power is easy to understand. The Wraith uses his bell to become invisible and gain a speed boost, then rings it again to appear and attack.

Stealth killers are usually highly effective against new survivor players, and the Wraith is the simplest among them. No matter how good your build is, you can still do sneaky attacks, and control generators quite well. No better killer teaches new players about the fundamental aspects of the game.

Only a few techniques to learn exist. These techniques include timing for uncloaking and body blocking. They are not too complex to grasp or perform.

Honourable mentions

Honourable mentions

The Trapper did not make the list since he’s an ‘easy’ entry but a tough mastery. Trapper has many difficulties to overcome, and one big thing with him is learning efficiency. You also need to learn things like different bear trap placements for all the maps, and how and what to use your time on. He has a lot going on.

The Doctor is deceptively a hard-killer character. He seems pretty simple on the surface level, getting survivors to scream revealing where they are, but can be a lot scarier with precise timing and use of your power.

The Pig can be difficult for a range of reasons. She has one of the most varied kits in the whole game, which can make her overwhelming to understand. The use of stealth is critical, however can be detrimental when overdone.

Using abilities like ambush are tough but can offer good reward when used well. To succeed as Pig, understanding how and when to use the Reverse Bear Traps is crucial for your gameplay. It’s important to comprehend their value and learn the appropriate times to utilize them. Mastering the usage of these traps will greatly contribute to your success as Pig.

The Dredge is challenging because teleporting needs good timing and prediction, and the husk takes time to learn mind games.

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