Best Clown Build in Dead by Daylight (2024)

Best Clown Build in Dbd

Clown has always been known for his incredible speed in DBD, thanks to his 10% haste boost when throwing a yellow bottle. But now, with the addition of the top-tier perk Rapid Brutality, which grants 5% haste per survivor hit, we’ve uncovered what we believe to be the best Clown build in Dead by Daylight.

Best Clown Build with Teachable Perks (2024)

Best Clown Build
  • Rapid Brutality
  • Save the Best for Last
  • Brutal Strength
  • Coup de Grâce

Rapid Brutality: This perk is the foundation of the build. Rapid Brutality grants you a 5% haste bonus every time you hit a Survivor for 10 seconds. By stacking this with Clown’s yellow bottles, you can achieve an insane 15% haste bonus. This makes Clown one of the fastest killers in Dead by Daylight, allowing you to move around the map and chase down survivors with lightning speed.

Save the Best for Last: This perk synergizes perfectly with Rapid Brutality. The goal here is to use your fast movement speed more effectively and Save the Best for Last helps you do just that. It allows you to recover from your m1 attacks quicker, enabling you to keep up the pressure on survivors and maximize the benefits of your increased speed.

Brutal Strength: With this perk, the Clown smashes pallets and obstacles super quickly. This means survivors have fewer places to hide, making chases intense and giving the Clown an edge due to their enhanced speed.

Coup de Grâce: To top off the build, Coup de Grâce adds an element of danger to the survivors. If they attempt to Gen rush (complete generators quickly), this perk kicks in. With the added 15% haste from Rapid Brutality, your swings become incredibly dangerous, making it risky for survivors to focus solely on generators. They’ll have to think twice before trying to rush through gens while you’re on a chase.

This build takes advantage of the Clown’s speed, making him a scary killer who punishes survivors for trying to escape or rush generators. It ensures survivors will find it very challenging to escape from him.


Cheap Gin Bottle: The Cheap Gin Bottle is a key part of this build. When the Clown throws a yellow bottle, he gains a 10% speed boost. With the Rapid Brutality perk, hitting a survivor grants an additional 5% speed boost for 10 seconds. This means you can stack the speed bonuses, reaching a total of 15% extra movement speed. It’s like being on a constant speed boost, making you much faster and deadlier.

Garish Make-Up Kit: The Garish Make-Up Kit is another important add-on for this build. It extends the duration of your yellow bottle’s effect by two seconds. So, instead of the usual speed boost lasting for a short amount of time, you’ll get to enjoy it for a bit longer.

Inspired by and credit to D3AD Plays for sharing the best Clown build in the video above.

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