Dead by Daylight: Best Killer Perks Ranked (Otz List)

Dead by Daylight Best Killer Perks

I think you agree with me when I say:
It’s very tricky to know what are the best killer perks in Dead by Daylight in the current meta.
Well, while not as easy as it used to be due to fast meta changes. Otzdarva, one of the most reputable Dead by Daylight players put together a killer tier list that might be useful to beginner and expert killer players.
In this Dead by Daylight best killer perks guide, we’ll go over Otzdarva’s perk tier list. Giving you more effectiveness in chases, map control, or overall killer performance.

11. Dead Man’s Switch

Dead Man’s Switch triggers each time you hook a Survivor, blocking their last worked generator for 30 seconds. Survivors leaving a generator during this period activate the block. It’s quite a strong perk when combined with Pain Resonance or Jolt, as releasing the generator triggers the block.

It’s especially effective when manipulating Survivor behaviour, such as with Freddy’s fake Teleport or Doctor’s shock blasts. However, timing is key, if used without a follow-up plan, it can allow Survivors to regroup.

10. Sloppy Butcher

Sloppy Butcher inflicts Mangled and Hemorrhage effects on survivors hit by basic attacks, hindering their healing and enhancing tracking. It’s great for killers who benefit from injured survivors. However, survivors may counter it with perks like Adrenaline or staying injured. Use it strategically, as it doesn’t stack with other similar effects.

9. Lethal Pursuer

Lethal Pursuer gives a 9-second Survivor aura reveal at the match start and extends similar perks or add-ons by 2 seconds. It helps with early-game decisions and provides valuable information into Survivor pathing. However, relying too much on aura perks can leave you vulnerable against teams running counters like Distortion. Yet, used wisely, offers crucial information and disrupts Survivor efficiency, though its effectiveness might vary on larger maps or slower Killers.

8. Save the Best for Last

Save the Best for Last speeds up your basic attack cooldown, accelerating from 5% to a max of 40% faster after eight hits. It’s extremely strong for quick follow-up attacks, restricting Survivor actions (body blocks, unhooking). However, it requires hitting non-obsessions to power up, and losing stacks when hitting the obsession.

Best used on Killers lacking strong chase abilities, it pairs well with information perks like Discordance. Yet, it can be a trap if overly relied upon, freezing stack progression if the obsession dies.

7. Hex: No One Escapes Death

NOED activates at the endgame when all generators are powered or the hatch is closed. If a white dull totem remains, it boosts Killer speed by 4% when revealed upon downing a Survivor. While survivors can locate it, it’s still effective when hidden.

Even though it is a strong counter to Adrenaline and body blocks, it relies on totem RNG. Building around it and ensuring a great endgame setup can make it quite impactful, but it might fail if used alone without a supportive build.

6. Jolt

Jolt triggers when downing a Survivor with a basic attack, causing nearby generators to explode and regress slightly. It’s effective for most Killers except those relying on unique special attacks. While survivors can counter it by entering lockers, most don’t know this. Jolt has no cooldown, allowing potential multiple generator regressions back to back with quick downs.

The perk is not very effective in larger maps. Yet. it can be very good on small maps with multi-level structures, hitting generators across different platforms. Despite the downsides, it remains a solid perk for most Killers.

5. Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop Goes the Weasel offers a 45-second window after hooking a Survivor to damage a generator by 30% of its current progress. It’s most effective when put together with high-mobility Killers like Wraith or Nurse and synergizes well with other generator disruption perks like Pain Resonance. Overall, it is a strong perk for all high-tier Killers when combined with other generator disruption perks.

4. Deadlock

Deadlock doesn’t synergize extremely well with other slow-down perks, but it’s good on its own. It blocks the next most-progressed generator for 30 seconds after a Survivor completes one. Although Survivors can adapt by just moving to a different generator, Deadlock still buys crucial time.

It’s particularly effective when combined with a build that never lets multiple gens get done (ex: tinkerer or discordance). Its ease of use and overall value make Deadlock a powerful perk for most Killers, despite some potential Survivor counterplay.

3. No Way Out

No Way Out gets stronger with each Survivor hooked, potentially blocking exit gates for up to 60 seconds in the endgame. This passive yet effective perk forces Survivors to spend extra time opening gates after it is touched, creating opportunities for Killers to control the endgame.

Also very impactful in 1v1 scenarios, which can seal the last Survivor’s fate if the hatch is closed. It pairs well with endgame builds and on killers that have good mobility. No Way Out stands as a consistent and efficient late-game perk for Killers.

2. Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance

Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is another top-tier meta perk. Placing four white hooks across the map, causing a 25% progress explosion on the most advanced generator each time a Survivor is hooked on one of them for the first time. This aggressive progress explosion benefits all Killers, especially when combined with perks like Pop Goes the Weasel.

Pain’s synergy with aggression-based perks, its impact on generators, and its versatility across various Killer playstyles set its position as a dangerous and versatile perk in Dead by Daylight.

1. Corrupt Intervention

Corrupt Intervention stands out as potentially Dead by Daylight’s best perk, according to Otzdarva. This perk helps out with the early game dynamic for Killers by blocking the 3 generators furthest from their spawn point. It’s a really good perk in larger maps, making Survivors run around to cover more ground to find unblocked generators.

Some killers do not want survivors to split up (Legion, Ghost Face) early on making it not very efficient for them. Also, even though the perk goes away if you down a survivor, it’s totally worth it. Its ease of use across Killer types and its synergy with other perks and strategies, make Corrupt the best perk in the game.

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