Dead by Daylight: Impossible Skill Check Pig Build (2023)

Impossible Skill Check Pig

Today, we’ll go over an intense and daring DBD build that’s both worth a shot and a lot of fun. It’s the Impossible Skill Check Pig Build in Dead by Daylight, a setup that penalizes survivors for missing skill checks while constantly putting them under urgency as the clock ticks down.

Impossible Skill Check Pig Build (2023)

Impossible Skill Check Pig Build
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby
  • Hex: Undying
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
  • Infectious Fright

Hex: Huntress Lullaby: This perk primarily affects skill checks related to healing, repairing, and jigsaw box interactions. However, the unique twist here is that it has a powerful synergy with the Pig’s mechanics. The Pig’s jigsaw boxes trigger skill checks, which means Huntress Lullaby will affect them as well. So, survivors attempting to remove the Reverse Bear Traps from their heads will face increasingly difficult skill checks. Moreover, the more survivors you hook, the more challenging it becomes for them to hit these skill checks.

Hex: Undying: As a hex perk, its role is to protect your other hex perks, such as Huntress Lullaby. If survivors manage to locate and cleanse Huntress Lullaby, Undying steps in and transfers the hex effect to itself. This keeps the pressure on survivors, preventing them from easily removing the skill check penalties and ensuring that your hex perks remain active.

Hex: Thrill of the Hunt: This perk is all about slowing down the survivor’s progress in finding and cleansing your hex totems. It makes the cleansing process slower, allowing you more time to build up stacks on Huntress Lullaby. Adding onto the longer your hex totems stay active, the more skill checks survivors will face.

Infectious Fright: This perk capitalizes on the chaos created by your build. When you down a survivor, Infectious Fright causes nearby survivors to scream in terror, revealing their locations briefly. It disrupts their attempts to coordinate or rescue teammates, adding to the pressure and chaos, which is the key to this build.


Razor Wires: This add-on affects the jigsaw box skill checks in the game. They make the success zones for skill checks smaller when survivors attempt to remove the Reverse Bear Traps from their heads. The size of these success zones is comparable to the unnerving presence on a generator. Fundamentally, it makes the skill checks more challenging for survivors when dealing with the jigsaw boxes. Additionally, failing a skill check on a jigsaw box while uninjured due to Razor Wires will also inflict injury on the Survivor, potentially making them spend more time healing.

Interlocking Razor: This add-on also influences jigsaw box skill checks but has a different effect. If a survivor fails a jigsaw box skill check while injured, it will inflict a deep wound. This means that regardless of whether a survivor is healthy or injured, failing the skill check will have bad effects. It adds another layer of difficulty for survivors trying to remove the Reverse Bear Traps, as they’ll need to be cautious even if they are already injured.

These add-ons synergize with the overall strategy of the build, which is to make skill checks difficult and disrupt the survivor’s gameplay.

Credit to SpookyLoopz for the fantastic video explanation and to Jarnold for creating this Impossible Skill Check Pig Build.