Dead By Daylight: Illusionary Doctor Build (2023)

Fake Doctor Build

If you’ve ever felt that Dead By Daylight loses its scare factor over time, you’re not alone. Even facing the Doctor can lose its thrill. Survivors often reach level 2 Madness and begin to see hallucinations of an illusionary Doctor. These hallucinations are usually ignored, but what if one of those hallucinations wasn’t fake? In today’s guide, we’re going to push the limits of our opponent’s sanity and see if they can tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake.

Illusionary Doctor Build (2023)

Illusionary Doctor Build
  • Overcharge
  • Call of Brine
  • Dragon’s Grip
  • Insidious

Overcharge: This perk applies a difficult Skill Check when survivors interact with generators damaged by the Doctor. Failing this Skill Check regresses the generator’s progress significantly and increases regression speed over time. It makes it difficult to have generator progress and adds to the survivors’ stress.

Call of Brine: After damaging a generator, this perk causes it to regress faster while highlighting its aura in yellow. It also notifies the Doctor when survivors hit Good Skill Checks on affected generators, allowing for strategic pressure.

Dragon’s Grip: This perk reveals a survivor’s location and applies the Exposed Status Effect for a minute when they interact with a damaged generator. It forces survivors to think twice about attempting generator repairs.

Insidious: This perk grants the Doctor undetectability when standing still for a short duration. It plays a crucial role in the build, allowing the Doctor to blend in with the Illusionary Doctors and further confuse survivors.


Iridescent King: The point of this addon is to maximize hallucinations and fake doctors. It extends the duration of Illusionary Doctors by 6 seconds, aligning with this strategy.

Restraint – Carter’s Notes: The goal is to induce heavy hallucinations by pushing survivors to higher Madness levels. This addon extends Illusionary Doctor duration and reveals survivor auras when Madness increases, aiding in this strategy.

To use this build efficiently, focus on shocking survivors very early on to raise their Madness levels to at least 2. This will then start to trigger hallucinations, a key aspect of this build’s strategy.
Around the mid-game, your primary objective is to kick a generator, then utilize Insidious to blend in seamlessly with an Illusionary Doctor, by standing still. When survivors approach the damaged generator and trigger Dragon’s Grip, they become exposed, allowing you to instant down the survivor. This is where the build becomes insanely fun!

Special thanks to SpookyLoopz for inspiring this build. Check out his video for more Dead by Daylight content and strategies.