Dead by Daylight: Best Ghost Face Builds (2023)

Ghost Face Guide

Let’s talk about Ghost Face, the spooky ’90s character who’s still a big deal in Dead by Daylight today. He’s really good at sneaking around and quickly catching Survivors, making him a strong character. To be great with him, you must hide well, watch Survivors without them knowing, and use the right perks to help in chases. This guide will show you the best Ghost Face setups for September 2023, including easy-to-learn and more advanced perks for all player levels. When you’re done reading, you’ll be a pro at hunting, catching Survivors, and impressing Ghost Face himself.

Best Ghost face Build with Teachable Perks (2023)

  • Lethal Pursuer
  • Nemesis
  • Enduring
  • Spirit Fury

Mastering this build is all about being aggressive and making the most of your perks and abilities. Start by using Lethal Pursuer to quickly find Survivors, giving you an early advantage. Nemesis helps you track your obsession and predict their actions. In chases, use Enduring and Spirit Fury wisely to minimize pallet usage and end chases quickly. Remember, this build isn’t great at defending generators, so focus on relentless pursuit, bold tactics, and striking fear into Survivors’ hearts.

Lethal Pursuer: Reveals all Survivor auras at the trial’s start for nine seconds. It also extends aura-reading abilities by two seconds. This perk gives you a critical advantage from the beginning.

Nemesis: Makes the Survivor who stuns you your obsession, revealing their aura for (4) 6 seconds due to Lethal Pursuer. They become oblivious for the next 60 seconds, making them easier to track.

Enduring: Reduces pallet stun duration by 50% and reveals your obsession’s aura. This helps you maintain chase pressure.

Spirit Fury: Breaks the next pallet that stuns you after breaking two pallets. It’s excellent for ending chases quickly. Spirit Fury and Enduring have really great synergy together, making it almost impossible for survivors to create distance and leading to quick downs.

Olsen’s Wallet: Recharges your Night Shroud power when breaking pallets or doors. Drop-Leg Knife Sheath: Grants a 10% speed boost for 5 seconds after marking a Survivor.

Best Ghost face Non-Teachable Build (2023)

Best Ghost face Non-Teachable Build
  • Thrilling Tremors
  • Fearmonger
  • Jolt
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

This build focuses on putting pressure on generators and discouraging Survivors from relying on their Exhaustion perks. Thrilling Tremors blocks all generators not currently being repaired by Survivors for the next 16 seconds after picking up a Survivor. During this time, the auras of blocked generators are highlighted in white, allowing you to keep track of their locations. Fearmonger disrupts Survivor repairs by inflicting Blindness and maintaining Exhaustion while carrying a Survivor. With Jolt, when you put a Survivor into the Dying State, all generators within 32 meters of you instantly explode and start regressing. Lastly, NOED boosts your mobility and exposes Survivors once the exit gates are open, making escapes challenging.

This build is inspired by and adapted from the video above. Be sure to check out SpookyLoopz channel for more Dead by Daylight content, fun builds and in-depth guides!

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