Otzdarva Xenomorph Build Guide (2023)

Xenomorph Build

Struggling to find a solid Xenomorph build? Look no further. Otzdarva’s latest video showcases a promising build that’s been delivering consistent results. While it’s still early to determine the best Xenomorph build, this one has shown great potential. In this guide, we’ll break down this build’s components, strengths, and how to maximize its effectiveness in Dead by Daylight.

Best Xenomorph Build with Teachable Perks (2023)

Best Xenomorph Build
  • Discordance
  • Tinkerer
  • Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Eruption

Discordance: This perk gives you a significant edge by alerting you to the presence of multiple survivors working on the same generator. This information is insanely valuable not only at the start of the game but throughout the whole match to help keep them divided.

Tinkerer: It grants you insight into the status of generators, notifying you when they’re about to be completed hopefully just by one person. This knowledge allows you to continuously harass generators and apply the deadly “Eruption” effect.

Eruption: You’re gonna be consistently kicking generators and applying pressure around them. So, when you down survivors, the generators they were working on will suddenly erupt, significantly regressing their progress. This deters survivors from their objectives and offers you a great opportunity to take control of the match.

Pop Goes the Weasel: Perfectly complements all the other perks above. After hooking a survivor, this perk grants your next kick to a generator a significant power boost. This quick regression helps maintain pressure on generators and slows down Survivor progress, making it a valuable addition to your Xenomorph build.

This build has been working out pretty consistently for Otzdarva. Xenomorph is a killer that can get value out of all these perks in most of the matches that you play with this. Otzdarva finds this build very useful, and if your downs are on point/pressure, you’re definitely going to enjoy this build.

Best Xenomorph Non-Teachable Build (2023)

Best Xenomorph non teachable perks
  • Alien Instinct
  • Fearmonger
  • Bitter Murmur
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death

Alien Instinct: This perk reveals the aura of the farthest injured survivor for 5 seconds each time you hook a survivor. Additionally, the hooked survivor becomes Oblivious for a duration. Alien Instinct is excellent for tracking survivors, helping you locate and pressure them effectively.

Fearmonger: When you’re using Fearmonger, survivors working on generators suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion, making generator repair more challenging. If a survivor was already Exhausted, the timer on their Exhaustion status will pause during repairs. Fearmonger disrupts generator progress and puts additional pressure on survivors during crucial moments.

Bitter Murmur: This perk reveals the auras of all survivors within 16 meters of a completed generator for 5 seconds. When the last generator is completed, all survivors’ auras are revealed for an extended period. Bitter Murmur enhances your tracking abilities, helping you respond quickly to generator completions and preventing survivors from escaping unnoticed.

Hex: No One Escapes Death (NOED): NOED activates when the exit gates are powered and there’s an uncleansed Dull Totem remaining on the map. It increases your movement speed and applies the Exposed status effect to survivors, allowing you to down them in one hit. NOED can turn the tide during the endgame, catching survivors off guard and helping you secure kills.

These perks synergize well with the Xenomorph’s abilities, providing better tracking, control over the map, and increased lethality during critical moments in the match.