How to Properly Use Clairvoyance in Dead by Daylight

Clairvoyance in Dead by Daylight

Meet Mikaela Reid, a survivor of Dead by Daylight. She brought two cool boon perks and a less famous one called Clairvoyance. Even though the other perks usually steal the show, Clairvoyance has its own charm.

After the arrival of Pinhead and some mid-chapter updates, Mikaela Reid‘s Clairvoyance perk got interesting. In this guide, we will help you better understand the Clairvoyance perk — what it is, how it works, and how to use it in Dead by Daylight.

What Is Clairvoyance in Dead by Daylight?

Clairvoyance is a special perk in Dead by Daylight, and it’s one of the perks you can learn from Mikaela Reid. It gives you a unique ability: the power to see auras, like colourful outlines, around essential things in the game.

  • Activates when you cleanse or bless a Totem.
  • Requires you to be empty-handed.
  • Allows you to hold the Ability Button to unlock its full potential for a brief period (typically 8 to 10 seconds).
  • During this time, it reveals auras around significant game elements within a 64-meter range, including:
    • Exit gate switches
    • Generators
    • Hooks
    • Chests
    • The elusive Hatch

Recent buffs have made Clairvoyance even more versatile. While it was triggered only after cleansing a Totem, it now activates when you bless a Totem.

How to Use Clairvoyance Effectively

How to Use Clairvoyance

Now that you understand what is Clairvoyance, let’s go over how to use this unique perk effectively in Dead by Daylight.

  1. Equip the Clairvoyance perk: First, ensure you have the Clairvoyance perk as part of your Survivor loadout.
  2. Cleanse a Totem: In the trial, find and cleanse any Totem. This action activates Clairvoyance, allowing you to use its aura-reading power.
  3. Empty-Handed: To use Clairvoyance, make sure you’re not holding any items or objects. This perk requires you to be empty-handed.
  4. Activate the ability: While empty-handed, hold down the Ability button. This will unlock Clairvoyance, revealing auras around essential game elements within a 64-meter range. You can use this power for up to 10 seconds per Totem.

Dead by Daylight Clairvoyance Window Tech

Window Tech, a popular survivor strategy in Dead by Daylight, involves cleverly exploiting the game’s mechanics to gain an advantage over the pursuing killer while vaulting windows. Although it doesn’t rely on the Clairvoyance perk, using it can significantly help your success with this technique.

Basically, the general Window Tech is about survivors vaulting a window and convincing the killer to go after them. During the killer’s vault animation, survivors pretend to change direction by hugging a wall, creating the illusion that they move left or right. At a precise moment in the animation when the killer temporarily loses collision, survivors double back and slip through seamlessly. This misdirection often leads the killer to chase in the opposite direction.

While Window Tech has become more challenging due to stricter timing, the introduction of Clairvoyance has made it more dependable, providing survivors with a more reliable tool to run away from killers and waste their time.


For a visual demonstration of how to use Clairvoyance effectively, including Clairvoyance Window Techs, in your Dead by Daylight gameplay, check out this great video by SmaSher163 above.