The Ultimate Dead by Daylight Oni Build Guide (2023)

Dead by Daylight Oni Build

The Oni isn’t very popular in Dead by Daylight these days. You can turn this into your advantage, meaning most players are not used to facing him. In my opinion, the Oni is one of the strongest Killers in the game if played well, and in this ultimate Dead by Daylight Oni build is here to help you do just that.

Understanding the Oni and His Power

Oni’s power is called Blood Fury. Once he absorbs enough blood, he can endure a rage that gives him two new abilities temporarily:

  • Demon Strike: During Blood Fury, your lunge attacks gain extended reach and can down survivors with a single hit.
  • Demon Dash: This ability significantly boosts your movement speed as long as you maintain the power. Oni’s Demon Dash can be changed into Demon Strike allowing you to down survivors very rapidly in almost any situation.

However, there are important considerations:

Blood Fury, while very strong, requires a buildup. The Oni must absorb blood from injured survivors, which requires injuring them in the first place.

Essentially, at the start of the match, you’re powerless until you collect enough blood. This makes the early game very challenging for the Oni.

Downing a survivor during Blood Fury consumes a portion of your power unless you utilize specific add-ons to mitigate this drawback.

Additionally, your power completely deactivates when picking up a survivor, however, none of your progress towards getting your power again is lost, making this push the Oni into a more slug-ish playstyle. 

Best Dead by Daylight Oni Build (2023)

Best Oni Build

This Infectious Hesitation setup is a variation of the classic Dead by Daylight Oni build that originally featured Monitor & Abuse and Infectious Fright. In this setup, we focus on utilizing Forced Hesitation to disrupt groups of survivors effectively. While Monitor & Abuse is a core part of this build, you have the option to choose other perks. Deadlock can also be a suitable alternative to Corrupt Intervention.

Now, let’s look at the perks included in the Infectious Hesitation setup:

  • Infectious Fright – A reliable perk choice for Oni since its release. When you down a survivor, it causes all survivors within your proximity to scream and reveal their locations. This allows for effective snowballing with just a single down.
  • Forced Hesitation – Forced Hesitation is a new perk introduced in the Singularity chapter. It significantly slows down all survivors within 16 meters of you when you down a survivor. Combining this perk with the others mentioned above and your power makes it difficult for slowed survivors to escape.
  • Monitor & Abuse – A crucial part of this build setup. It reduces your noise radius by 8 meters when you’re not in a chase, making it easier to approach survivors stealthily. During a chase, it increases your noise radius by 8 meters, making Infectious Fright more potent when you down a survivor.
  • Corrupt Intervention – Corrupt Intervention is an essential inclusion in this build setup. It prevents survivors from working on the three generators farthest from you for 120 seconds or until you secure a down. This perk acts as a safety net when you can’t get an early hit and provides you with time to set up a snowball.

Best Dead by Daylight Oni Add-ons

When it comes to Oni’s add-ons, you’ll find that most of them are quite effective. Ironically enough, his iridescent add-ons are by far his weakest. I would recommend you bring any of these: 

  • Lion Fang – Effect: Adds +10 seconds to Blood Fury duration.
    Why It’s Good: Extends your Blood Fury, giving you more power overall, conserving gauge when downing survivors, and covering more ground. It’s versatile and beneficial in most situations.
  • Scalped Topknot – Effect: Reduces Demon Dash activation time by 0.5 seconds.
    Why it’s Useful: Speeds up your Demon Dash, making it more effective in tight indoor chases and at the Killer Shack.
  • Yamaoka Sashimono– Effect: Adds +8 seconds to Blood Fury duration.
    Why It’s Worth It: It slightly boosts your Blood Fury duration, providing more time for your power. Combining it with Lion Fang results in over 63 seconds of Blood Fury.

Dead by Daylight Oni Mastery Tips

Oni Power

Mastering Oni’s Power: Knowing when and how to use Oni’s Blood Fury opens up numerous chase opportunities. However, remember that without his power, Oni functions as a basic M1 killer, so mastering fundamental skills like looping, mind games, and survivor baiting remains essential.

Medkit Awareness and Target Priority: Before the match begins, keep an eye on survivor items, particularly medkits. If you notice several medkits, consider adjusting your build. Perks like Sloppy Butcher, Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain, or even Franklin’s Demise can be valuable. If your first hit is on a survivor with a medkit, do not swap targets until you get them down.

Facing Survivor with No Mither: Against No Mither players, enjoy the free blood orbs. Since they can’t heal, they’ll keep dropping orbs throughout the game.

Unique Movement Advantage: Unlike Hillbilly, Blight, and Cannibal, you can run into walls and continue running with Oni’s power, and you can even use it to help you turn and catch survivors off guard for some Demon Dash mind games.

Demon Dash and Demon Strike Techniques:

  • To loop effectively, master the balance between Demon Dashing and regular chasing like an M1 killer.
  • Avoid holding the W key during Demon Dash to maximize camera mobility and turning. Instead, tap A and D to slow down, useful for baiting Dead Hard and mind gaming.
  • Time Demon Strike to break pallets the moment survivors drop them. Keep in mind that tapping M1 in Blood Fury performs a regular swing, reducing the survivor’s health by one state.
  • A successful Demon Strike initiates a 3-second recovery animation, making Oni slam the Kanabo twice more and potentially downing even more survivors.
  • Turn the camera during Oni’s charged Demon Strike lunge to navigate corners and secure unexpected hits. This turn is limited by 90 degrees, which is called a flick.
  • To exceed the 90-degree limit during Demon Dash Demon Strike, try adjusting the camera angle while rapidly moving it in the opposite direction. Alternatively, increase mouse DPI or in-game sensitivity for quicker turns, although with a shorter radius.
  • During a flick, rapid mouse swipes can allow two 90-degree turns within the slam-down animation.
  • Keep in mind that Demon Strike has a vertical hitbox but can be dragged diagonally by adjusting the camera during the animation. This can be especially useful for countering survivors who 360 spin.

Dead by Daylight Oni 180-Flick

Watch this video for a visual demonstration of how to 180 flick on Oni:

The Key things about 180 Flick on Oni are:
1) You don’t need to have a high dpi but it does help
2) Don’t use a dpi switch
3) You will need some mouse space

Look up before pressing M1/Swinging and then swipe/flick. The faster you swing the more you turn.