Dead By Daylight: Best Deathslinger Build 2023

Deathslinger Build

An Irish immigrant to the American Wild West, Caleb Quinn was an engineering prodigy with a knack for creating cruel and deadly devices that helped him earn the nickname of ‘The Deathslinger.’ Dead by Daylight’s slack-jawed cowboy is a perfect Killer for fans of the first-person shooter genre, encouraging players to time their shots perfectly to reel Survivors in for the kill with The Deathslinger’s signature harpoon gun, The Redeemer. To better predict the often-strange movements of Survivors, it’s important to run some complimentary perks to strengthen The Deathslinger’s power in Dead by Daylight. This guide will help you choose the best Deathslinger Build for 2023, including teachable, and non-teachable perks and add-ons.

Best Deathslinger Non-Teachable Build

Best Deathslinger Non-Teachable Build

This build is ideal for players who haven’t unlocked the teachable perks or are relatively new to playing Deathslinger. It maximizes the Deathslingers’ potential with easily available perks and offers a strong foundation for beginners:

  • Jolt (General Perk) – Jolt makes generators explode when you down a Survivor, creating pressure on Survivors.
  • Gearhead (The Deathslinger) – Gearhead reveals the auras of Survivors performing good Skill Checks while repairing generators when a Survivor loses a health state. Alternatively, you can opt for Fearmonger, which inflicts Blindness and Exhausted status on Survivors working on generators.
  • Sloppy Butcher (General Perk) – Sloppy Butcher inflicts Hemorrhage and Mangled status effects on hit Survivors, making it harder for them to heal.
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death (General Perk) – Hex: No One Escapes Death activates when exit gates are powered, Exposing Survivors and boosting your movement speed.

Best Deathslinger Build (2023)

Best Deathslinger Build 2023

This Deathslinger build excels in every game phase. Corrupt Intervention slows survivors and helps you locate them early. Save the Best for Last ensures swift mid-game downs. Jolt manages generator progress, while No Way Out secures crucial time for a 3K.

  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague) – Going with Corrupt Intervention to slow down survivors at the beginning and help find where survivors are.
  • Save the Best for Last (The Shape) – Save the Best for Last is an excellent perk for this Killer. With enough Stacks, The Deathslinger can hit a Survivor and, before they can make much distance, immediately shoot them for a great one-two combo that’s extremely difficult to avoid. If the obsession is your target, you can consider breaking your chain instead of hitting them to save your stacks.
  • Jolt (General Perk) – Jolt is particularly effective on The Deathslinger, more so than on other Killers. When you shoot a Survivor and find yourself far from a generator, sometimes you can reel them closer to the Gen. By the time you down them, Jolt will hit that generator.
  • No Way Out (The Trickster) – No Way Out is a versatile perk that pairs well with almost anything. However, you can also opt for Hex: No One Escapes Death or even Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance.

Best Deathslinger Add-ons

The Deathslinger has certain add-ons that are extremely good and can modify the kind of perks that you bring. Generally speaking, his reload add-ons are his best add-ons.

  • Iridescent Coin – You insta-down survivors that were speared from afar. As long as they are 12 meters away they become exposed for as long as they remain speared.
  • Warden’s Keys – The standard reload add-on, that should always bring. It Decreases The Redeemer’s reload time by 0.5 seconds.
  • Tin Oil Can – This add-on decreases cooldown from missed attacks. If you miss your shot, you can get back to action faster. Great for beginners.

If you do bring a more meta add-on like Iridescent Coin, you might consider not taking Save the Best for Last and instead take something like Sloppy Butcher, making sure that an instant down add-on and a lethality perk don’t conflict.


In this guide, we’ve covered the best Deathslinger builds, provided to both beginners and advanced players. Adopt the power of the Deathslinger and may your harpoon shots always find their mark.

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