Dead by Daylight: Flashlight Build 2024

Flashlight Build 2023

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:
Flashlights are extremely fun to use and pull off when saving a survivor or getting distance.
Well, while it may not be easy to pull off every game, it still feels very rewarding. So in this post, I will give you the best flashlight build in Dead by Daylight for 2024 to help you perform it more often.

How to get better at flashlights in DBD

  1. Timing is Key: Do your best to stay hidden until the pickup animation begins. Don’t show yourself too soon because the killer may try to bait out any survivors waiting for a save. 
  2. Watch Survivor Aura: When the Survivor is picked up their butt will be pointed in the direction the Killer is facing. You’ll then be able to quickly determine whether or not you should go for the save or bail from the situation entirely.
  3. Perfect Your Timing: Think of the pickup animation as two separate animations, ground to hip then hip to shoulder. You want to start your blind right as the Survivor is being lifted from the hip to the shoulder.
3 tips to get better with flashlights in Dead by Daylight

Best Flashlight Build 2024

Best Flashlight Build 2023
  • Self-Preservation (Yun-Jin Lee) – Ideal for flashlight saves in Dead by Daylight. This perk activates when a nearby Survivor gets hit by a basic attack or a special attack, hiding your grunts of pain, scratch marks, and blood pools for 10 seconds. Perfect for swift, stealthy moves when attempting clutch flashlight saves.
  • Light-Footed (Ellen Ripley) – Crucial for stealthy plays during flashlight saves. It will completely silence your footsteps, only if you’re healthy though.
  • Background Player (Renato Lyra) – Gives you a huge Sprint Burst when the killer picks up a Survivor, which will allow you to get into position to make the flashlight saves.
  • Bond (Dwight Fairfield) – It just gives you so much information. You can see your teammates, and follow them around to get yourself in position to get the flashlight saves within 36 meters.

Best Non-Teachable Flashlight Build 2024

Best Non-Teachable Flashlight Build 2023
  • Sprint Burst (Meg Thomas) – A great replacement for the background player perk, also good reach injured/dead survivors or to take a hit.
  • Empathy (Claudette Morel) – This perk unlocks the potential of your aura reading, revealing the auras of dying or injured allies within a 128-meter range. Unlike Bond, it allows you to spot teammates at a greater distance. 
  • Iron Will (Jake Park) – While Self-Preservation offers temporary concealment of your traces when another Survivor is hit nearby, Iron Will is a consistent choice. It reduces your grunts of pain from injuries by 75% without any conditions, ensuring a prolonged stealthy approach even in bad situations.
  • Streetwise (Nea Karlsson) – Ideal for flashlight players, this perk extends the utility of your items and those of nearby allies. It reduces the speed of flashlight consumption by 25% within an 8-meter radius, with the effect remaining for 15 seconds even after leaving the range.

Best Flashlight Add-ons

The most impactful ones are by far the ones that extend how long you can use your flashlight because those are the most universally useful.

Notably, Long Life Battery and Heavy Duty Battery are incredible. Players commonly choose a Long Life Battery paired with a High-End Sapphire Lens for increased flashlight reach. Alternatively, combining any Battery with Low Amp Filament reduces battery consumption by 20%, offering greater sustainability during use.


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